OnGuard Bulldog Combination U-Lock Cable Combo

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For maximum security, nothing beats the combination of a rock-solid U-lock working in conjunction with a super-sturdy steel cable. And that's exactly what you get with the OnGuard Bulldog Combination U-Lock Cable Combo. OnGuard's DT combination U-lock enables you to set a 4-digit combination so there's no keys to forget. The U-lock features an ultra-hardened steel shackle that's 13mm in diameter while the braided steel cable is 4 feet long and 10mm thick to provide superb protection.
  • U-lock's 13mm/0.51" ultra-hardened steel shackle provides maximum cut resistance
  • U-lock's steel ball click-combo gear system offers superior protection from pick and pull attacks
  • U-lock features 4-digit combination so there's no keys to lose or forget
  • Double rubber coating on U-lock crossbar
  • 4'-long, fully coated and braided steel cable provides more locking options in conjunction with U-lock
  • Quick release multi-position mounting bracket
  • Anti-rattle bumpers keep noise to a minimum while riding
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