WTB Breakout TCS Light 27.5" Mountain Tire

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The WTB Breakout TCS Light 27.5" mountain tire delivers big, all mountain fun. The Breakout's large and in charge casing rides far faster than its 27.5 x 2.3" girth suggests. It features fast-rolling belts of center tread paired with oversized side knob incisors for a harmonious pairing of speed and cornering. And with WTB's TCS and Light technology on board, prepare to blaze through your favorite trails with speed and verve. TCS stands for "Tubeless Compatible System" so you can get all the performance advantages of a tubeless set-up. Additionally, WTB's Light casing reduces rotating mass and contributes to a supple ride.
  • Intended usage: Trail/All Mountain
  • Optimal conditions: Dry to wet / Hardpack to loam
  • Center tread is fast rolling
  • Oversized side knobs provide plenty of bite for cornering
  • TCS tubeless system technology lets you run wheels tubeless for better performance and a lower air pressure range
  • Dual DNA rubber compound -- firmer in the center, softer on side knobs - is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction and durability
  • WTB's Lightweight casing is a supple 60 TPI and features low rotational weight
  • Folding bead shaves grams