Become an Awesome Affiliate


What is the Bike Nashbar Affiliate program?

Quite simply, if you run a qualified site you can make income by placing targeted banner ads and links (that we supply) on your site. When a user clicks through and makes a purchase, we'll tabulate the amount spent on merchandise and send you a percentage of that sale. It's that easy. We handle order processing and fulfillment, plus we provide superior customer service. You'll have access to tracking traffic statistics on the Internet through our strategic partners, Commission Junction and

What does it cost?

Absolutely nothing.

Why partner with Bike Nashbar?

Bike Nashbar's high name recognition and status as a leader within the cycling industry mean more sales and profits for you. Further, since Bike Nashbar is a niche marketer within the cycling category, we're the perfect site to complement other, broader outdoors sites… offering your users among the broadest and deepest selection of cycling-specific products.

What are Bike Nashbar's criteria for accepting or rejecting an application?

We encourage anyone with a website with qualifying content to apply. We will reject sites with questionable content such as sexually explicit, violent, illegal, discriminatory or socially or politically controversial content. We also reserve the right to reject any site for any reason. The Affiliate relationship may be terminated at the discretion of either or the Affiliate at any time.

Can I participate if I live outside the U.S.?

Yes. We accept Affiliates outside of the U.S

Can I apply to be an Affiliate if I don't yet have a website?

Unfortunately no. Your website must be live so we can review it. We look forward to reviewing your application once your site is live.

How do I join?

Click either of the two links below and complete the application. Once you've applied, we will review your site for approval as a member of the Bike Nashbar Affiliate Program



Can I apply to the Affiliate Program more than once?

Yes, you may submit multiple applications if you have more than 1 site.


How do I link my site to

By placing your website address with your Site Code in it in your HTML. After you complete your application, you will receive an email with your site code and web address.

Can I use the name and logo on my site?

We've developed a series of logos, banner ads and text links for you to choose from. However, please do not alter or change them in any way. Please review the Licenses and Uses of the Bike Nashbar Logos and Trademarks section.

What advertising can I do?

Affiliates are welcome to promote their own websites. However, any press or promotion that mentions Bike Nashbar could be viewed as a joint promotion. Consquently, we reserve the right to pre-approve the use of our name in advertisements, press releases or mailings (electronic or other). Affiliates are not allowed to use any compete against Bike Nashbar or infringe on Bike Nashbar trademarks without prior authorizaton for any Internet marketing strategies (included search engine placement).

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information about Commission Junction and/or, please visit their web sites at and If you have questions or comments about the Bike Nashbar Affiliate Program, please email us at