Nashbar L'Orange V.2 Floor Pump

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Every cyclist needs a top quality floor pump and in that realm you'll be incredibly well-served with the Nashbar L'Orange V.2 Floor Pump. Not only does it's stunningly orange hue stand out from the crowd, performance-wise it's a marvel of efficiency and sheer pumping power. With plenty of pumps at our disposal here at Nashbar, the L'Orange V.2 is the go-to inflator of choice for quick, effortless inflation - all in an incredibly well-constructed, built to last package.

But don't take our word for it, check out why this Nashbar floor pumped was awarded Bicycling Magazine's G.O.T.D. award in April 2013:

"The new V.2 improves on the features we loved in the original L'Orange, a pump we praised for its ability to move large volumes of air. The 28-inch tall barrel, combined with the long hose, also makes it easy reach bikes mounted in a repair stand.

"To improve durability, Nashbar gave the pump an alloy barrel, and easy-to-service O-ring style cup at the end of a large diameter plunger shaft. The cast aluminum, tripod-style base holds a large, easy-to-read gauge (bold numbers on a white background) with rotating bezel, which makes it easy to hit your preferred pressure. The V.2 also has a turned wood handle that feels great in your hand, a locking alloy pump head, and improved hose clip.

"The hose clip and pump head were my favorites of the new features. I'm left handed and often place my left foot on the base to stabilize it while pumping with only my left hand. The new clip is reversible, so users can choose which side of the pump the hose resides on when not in use, making it easy to grab when you're ready to inflate a tire. It may seem a small detail, but adapting to the user's preferred ergonomics is a nice benefit--one you'll appreciate the more your use your pump. The head still features a release valve to easily lower tire pressure if you pump too much, but it no longer automatically adjusts between presta and Schrader valves. Instead, you get a simpler--and more durable--reversible model that easily grabs even short valve stems. To switch between the two types of valves, users simply unscrew the end of the head and flip it over. Each side is engraved with the type of valve it's meant for, eliminating confusion. The new head design was simple to use and easily locked on to valves with one hand, a bonus when you're inflating a team's worth of bikes."--Mike Yozell
  • Long, 38" hose makes it easy to inflate tires on the ground or when your bike's in a work stand
  • Dual-valve head fits both Presta and Schrader valves without the need for adapters
  • Oversized plunger shaft provides a more positive and solid stroke
  • Extra-long pump barrel delivers more air per stroke for fast fills
  • Pressure-release valve lets you correct over-inflation