Magura MT6 Disc Brakes

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Sometimes when companies talk about trickle down technology, they're usually referring to something more like a very slow drip. Not Magura, they opened the faucet wide open on the Magura MT6 disc brakes. They're nearly identical to the super-premium MT8 brakes, except they use more aluminum and less carbon. The advantage is that you get a more durable product with a very slight weight gain. They're perfect for weekend racers, performance riders and anyone who just like to have a sweet set of brakes on their totally fly mountain bike.
  • Set includes post mount caliper, line and lever
  • Aluminum brake lever and clamp are durable and won't brake or come apart in a crash
  • Additional cooling fins allow the brakes to shed excess heat faster
  • Lines come pre-bled for easy installation
  • Uses environmentally-friendly mineral oil, which makes them easier to work on and service than more toxic brake fluids
  • Set is for one wheel, so order two sets for one bike
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