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Lezyne Connect Drive 800XL Headlight/Strip Drive 150 Tail Light Remote Combo

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Now you can control you front and rear lights directly from your handlebars with the Lezyne Connect Drive 800XL/Strip Drive 150 combo. With the included two-button wireless remote switch, you'll have full control over the operation of both the headlight and tail light. The Connect Drive 800XL headlight features a maximum brightness of 800 lumens and eight mode options. The rear Strip Drive 150 light has five high-output LEDs that pump out a maximum of 150 lumens and features 11 different mode options. Both lights are USB rechargeable; the Connect Drive 800XL uses a cable and the Strip Drive 150 has an integrated cable-free recharging stick.

Connect Drive 800XL Headlight
  • 2 ultra high-output LEDs producing up to 800 lumens
  • Eight mode options, including daytime flash mode
  • Enhanced MOR (Maximum Optical Reflection) lens with built-in side visibility
  • High-speed 2 Amp USB charging capabilities (with compatible wall adapter)
  • Versatile strap securely mounts to all standard handlebar shapes, including aero bars

Strip Drive 150 Tail Light
  • Powerful and versatile LED taillight
  • Light and durable co-molded lens/body construction
  • Unique aero and round post compatible design
  • 5 ultra-high-output LEDs delivering up to 150 lumens
  • Eleven unique modes including two daytime flash modes
  • Enhanced lens with built-in side visibility
  • Integrated cable-free recharging USB stick.