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Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season Road Tire

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When it comes to durability and toughness in all conditions, particularly through fall and winter months when roads are likely to be wetter and resplendent with more debris and clutter, the Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season road tire makes a perfect choice. Hutchinson has spent two years developing their HDF 5 tread compound and created three different versions - HDF 5.1, HDF 5.2, HDF 5.3 - to address the different performance demands of cyclists. This Hutchinson Fusion 5 All Season road tire utilizes the HDF 5.3 edition of the tread compound which sports the thickest tread (1.6mm vs. 0.8mm and 1.2mm of the 5.1 and 5.2 versions respectively) as well as Kevlar Pro Tech reinforcement to help ward off flats. The tread compound itself provides low rolling resistance as well as cornering traction plus delivers peace of mind regarding extended tread life and all around durability.
  • HDF 5.3 tread compound for long tread life plus low rolling resistance and outstanding cornering grip
  • Kevlar Pro Tech reinforcement for puncture resistance
  • Designed with a thicker tread for added durability and toughness
  • Folding bead
  • 127 TPI casing for a supple ride
  • Weight: 200 grams (700x23)
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