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Tacx T2900 Flux Smart Trainer

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Let's face it, sometimes (maybe most of the time?) training indoors can be a less than pleasant endeavor. But today's generation of smart trainers, such as the Tacx T2900 Flux, provide such a rich training experience that the time, and your workouts, will simply fly by sans tedium. The Flux Smart is compatible with virtually any smart device and training app out there and is the perfect addition to any cyclist's training regimen.

The Flux Smart is ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart enabled so it can not only show you your speed, cadence, and power data, but it also receives information from training software like Zwift, Training Peaks, and others for fun and realistic-feeling workouts that will change the way you think about training indoors. This direct drive-style trainer eliminates the tire-to-roller contact as the rear wheel is removed and the rear of your bike is mounted to the trainer using a cassette (not included) mounted on a massive 7kg fly wheel. The Flux Smart trainer uses an electro brake and magnets that provides up to a leg-searing 1500 watts of resistance and replication of up to a 10% gradient at low speeds to simulate climbing. The 7kg flywheel also ensures the truest simulation of a pedal stroke to optimize your training sessions.
  • Direct drive design directly connects the bicycle to the resistance unit, eliminating tire wear and rear wheel slippage
  • Direct drive utilizes electro brake with 8 ferrite magnets/8 electromagnets to create maximum of 1500 watts of resistance (at 40 km/h)
  • Can simulate slopes of up to 10% gradient
  • 7kg flywheel makes cycling feeling as realistic as possible
  • Trainer is exceptionally quiet
  • ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart communication capable
  • Resistance controlled by smartphone, tablet, ANT+ FE-C bike computers, and stand-alone Connect to computer via ANT+ antenna
  • Compatible with third-party software such as Zwift, TrainerRoad, and many more
  • Measures speed, cadence, and power data
  • Compatible with frames having 130mm or 135mm rear dropout width and quick release rear axle set-up (quick release skewer included)
  • Trainer features big footprint for maximum stability
  • Cassette not included
  • Note: Not suitable for bikes with long cage rear derailleurs
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