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Your indoor training sessions will truly know no bounds when utilizing the remarkable Tacx Genius Smart Trainer. This interactive trainer is the most advanced rear wheel-mounted trainer that Tacx provides to ensure each workout is a highly realistic cycling experience.

Connect the Genius Smart trainer to your smart phone, tablet, or computer via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart in order to use Tacx's software and apps, or you can utilize third party software, too. With Tacx's software and apps, you can regulate your training ride by heart rate, gradient, and power, or you may pick a famous route or race. Furthermore, you can compete with other riders online. The Genius Smart's ANT+ compatibility means you can also utilize the trainer for sessions on Zwift, Trainer Road, Kinomap, and Bkool.

The motor brake is the most advanced resistance unit providing the most realistic cycling experience. The motor brake is able to apply a maximum power of 1500 watts to the rear wheel and will speed up during a descent. The slopes simulated are realistic up to 20% and down to -5% for descents. The resistance is dynamically controlled and it is constantly calculated and adjusted in order to simulate natural road resistance.

And for added convenience, when the Genius Smart trainer isn't connected to a smart phone, tablet, or computer, it operates as a fluid trainer. This means the trainer behaves progressively -- as the speed increases, the resistance increases as well. Thus, it is possible to use the trainer as a stand-alone unit without having to worry about the electronic elements.
  • Motor brake resistance provides a whopping 1500 watts of resistance
  • Trainer communicates wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart to smart phones or tablets for interactive workouts
  • Tacx apps or third party apps utilized to control resistance levels
  • Trainer can create realistic climbing sensation up to 20% gradient
  • Trainer can create realistic descending sensation up to -5% gradient
  • When not used electronically, trainer acts as a fluid resistance trainer
  • Folding design for compact storage and travel
  • Compatible with 700c, 26", 27.5", and 29" wheels
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