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Rollers have long been celebrated as a means to develop one's balance, silky-smooth spin, and coordination on the bike. Thanks to new, cutting-edge technology, Tacx has upped the roller ante with their Galaxia model. The Galaxia takes you as close as possible to the natural road riding experience thanks to their patented swing system. When accelerating, the Galaxia rollers move forward as a result of the kinetic energy that is created and they move backwards when you slow down. With this swing system in operation you can work on your speed and suppleness without any concerns. You can perform sprints, extend your legs, and stand on the pedals without the fear of falling off. Furthermore, the Galaxia rollers fold to 80cm in size for convenient storage or transport.
  • Patented swing system takes you as close as possible to natural road riding experience
  • Heavy-duty conical rollers with sealed bearings for a smooth, efficient pedaling motion
  • Frame is sturdy and lightweight
  • Folds to 80cm for easy storage and transport
  • Compatible with road or mountain bikes
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