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OnGuard Bulldog Long Shackle U-Lock

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The OnGuard Bulldog Long Shackle U-Lock is the ideal lock for those days and nights when you have to leave your bike outside your dorm, your apartment or your office and you want to make sure it's there when you get back. The Snap Lock Quick Release multi-position mounting bracket means you won't spend all day securing or unlocking your bike when you've got to be somewhere, and a micro-light key projects a bright white beam so you won't be fumbling around in the dark. With X2P double-bolt protection and super strong hardened steel shackles, you can rest easy knowing your bike is secured with an OnGuard Bulldog Long Shackle U-lock.


  • Shackle Dimensions: 115mm x 292mm (W x H x Diam) (4.53" x 11.50") x 13mm (0.51") D
  • Multiposition mounting bracket
  • 5 laser cut keys ( 1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys)
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