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WTB Bridger 3.0 27.5" TCS Light Mountain Tire

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The WTB Bridger 27.5" TCS Light mountain tire brings real knobs and traction to the 27.5+ market in a purpose-built, ground-up design that features consistency and casing protection through numerous square lugged knobs. Medium pitch and spacing provide omni-terrain grip while squared off knobs provide foul weather clearance. The Bridger's rounded profile and supported side knobs boost confidence and predictability, proving that the plus-sized market is for real riding.
  • Intended usage: Bikepacking, Summer fat biking, XC, Trail, Enduro
  • Optimal conditions: Dry to wet / Hardpack to loam
  • Tread pattern provides omni-terrain grip
  • TCS tubeless system technology lets you run wheels tubeless for better performance and a lower air pressure range
  • Dual DNA rubber compound - firmer in the center, softer on side knobs - is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction and durability
  • WTB's Lightweight casing is a supple 60 TPI and features low rotational weight
  • Folding, tubeless-optimized bead
  • Size: 27.5 x 3.0
  • Weight: 1207g
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