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WTB Nano 700x40 TCS Light Cyclocross Tire

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Plain and simple, the WTB Nano TCS Light tire is built for speed for your gravel and cyclocross endeavors. Its 40mm, rounded profile and an elevated centerline provide enough volume for lower tire pressures and a smoother ride while still reducing drag and rolling resistance. Additionally, this version of the Nano is optimized for tubeless use to further enhance its performance. This makes for an all-out gravel destroyer that can still appease those clamoring for a truly big cyclocross tire. WTB thinks that's a win-win situation and we whole-heartedly concur.
  • Intended usage: Gravel / Cyclocross
  • Optimal conditions: Dry to damp / Hardpack to sand
  • Rounded profile and elevated centerline roll smooth
  • 700x40 size provides large volume to tame the rough stuff
  • Dual DNA rubber compound - firmer in the center, softer on side knobs - is the perfect mix of efficiency, traction and durability
  • TCS tubeless system technology lets you run wheels tubeless for better performance and a lower air pressure range
  • WTB's Lightweight casing is a supple 60 TPI and features low rotational weight
  • Folding, tubeless-optimized bead
  • Weight: 530g
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