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Fizik Tritone 6.5 K:ium Saddle

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With a distinctive short-nosed shape, the Fizik Tritone 6.5 K:ium Saddle is designed to suit the extreme aero riding position of triathletes and time trialists. Its nose puts the rider well forward on the bike, allowing for comfortable leg articulation and easier breathing, which both contribute to a higher power output. The specifically-developed foam density and front indentation deliver a high level of comfort, while the solid base design ensures durability and an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. The saddle's 240mm length is UCI-legal while the 6.5cm nose width is the wider of two versions and is perfect for riders with a larger distance between the sit bones (such as women or taller men).

Additionally, the Tritone 6.5 K:ium saddle features Fizik's Carriage Kit: a mount to accept 2 water bottle cages, CO2 cartridge and inflator, plus tube (none included). The Carriage Kit is also removable if accommodating those items at the rear of the saddle isn't needed.
  • Triathlon and time trial-specific saddle with nose-less design
  • 240mm length is legal for UCI-sanctioned events
  • Integrated Front Transition Hook under nose is designed for convenient racking of the bike at triathlons
  • Carbon-reinforced nylon shell provides superb stiffness-to-weight construction
  • K:ium rails deliver a high strength-to-weight ratio and are 8% lighter than solid titanium
  • 85mm long rails provide plenty of adjustment to dial-in position
  • Microtex cover durable and weather resistant plus features silicon printed stripes for grip
  • Carriage Kit provides integrated, aerodynamic mount for 2 water bottle cages, C02 cartridge/inflator, and tube (none included)
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Handmade in Italy
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