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Vittoria Mezcal G+ 29" Mountain Tire

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Wanting your cake and eat it too translates to fast, grippy & long lasting when it comes to mountain bike tires. Vittoria lets you have just that with their new series of tires using their new G+ Isotech technology that incorporates Graphene, one of the most innovative products developed in recent years. That becomes especially important with mountain bike tires like Vittoria's Mezcal G+ cross country tire. Even wet slippery roots won't be enough to phase your concentration when all you need to focus on is the trail ahead.

Designed with a center ridge, low-profile closely spaced knobs, and slightly more robust side knobs, the Mezcal G+ makes for a fast rolling tire with cornering knobs to keep things in check in those rough loose corners. Adding to that, The Mezcal G+ tires take advantage of Graphene's properties to increase both grip and wear resistance. They are designed with a special knob configuration that incorporated braking and climbing edges to improve performance even further. All together the Mezcal G+ will provide the performance & grip you desire for a long period of time.


    Features: ● G+ Isotech compound ● Defined center-ridge tread for low rolling resistance ● Low profile, densely spaced knob configuration ● Multiple effective braking and climbing edges ● Capable side knobs ● Sizes: 29x2.1, 29x2.25 Advantages of Graphene: ● Significantly less rolling resistance = Faster ● Improved wet weather grip = More traction ● Reduced wear = Longer lasting ● Less material need = Lighter