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WTB Speed She ProGel Saddle

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Don't ride in agony or even mild discomfort. Riding a bike should feel great. Times have changed and so has the notion that you have to settle for a substandard, uncomfortable saddle. The women's specific WTB Speed She ProGel Saddle features an ergonomic shape, smooth curves and low-profile stitching. Its medium dimensions and rounded, falling away profile make the Speed She an easy-to-ride, easy-to-maneuver women's saddle.

Steel rails and a flex-tuned shell provide plenty of movement over obstacles, so you don't lose pedaling efficiency and performance. A smooth, synthetic cover and ample, soft gel padding make it easy to see why this has become a rider favorite.
  • Weighs 335 grams
  • Perfect for road or mountain riding
  • Measures 240mm x 148mm
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