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WTB High Tail Pro Saddle

Item: WT-HP
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The trail provides plenty of jostling and feedback through your frame, fork and components. All of that vibration adds up to lost performance and pedaling inefficiency. Don't waste another ride on a saddle that can't handle the task of big rocks, roots and potholes. The WTB High Tail Pro Saddle has a great shape, overall weight and a flex-tuned shell that reduces big bumps to small ones.

The WTB High Tail Pro Saddle accommodates longer travel bikes that would otherwise buzz saddles to smithereens. It's light and svelte enough that it belongs on all bikes. Plus, a rear cut out shaves grams and vacuum-formed edges create beautiful lines.
  • Perfect for road, cross country or enduro riding
  • Weighs 225 grams
  • Measures 255x128mm
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