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SKS Supershort Mini Pump

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German engineering works. That's why so many great products are easily adopted like the SKS Supershort Mini Pump. We love the compact size and high performance of the Supershort, but we already knew it would deliver the goods because it features the German brand's logo of SKS. Beyond the branding, the Supershort weighs only 103 grams, yet still manages to fill your tire or tube to 87 PSI.

The very light, compact and high quality pump with telescopic function and T-Grip is only 16cm/6.3 inches long. The detachable aluminum body transforms itself at lightning speed into an ergonomic T-Grip. Due to the clamp lever, the reversible valve head can easily be connected to all valve variations.
  • Aluminum body mean less weight and better durability
  • Fills to a max 6 bar/87 psi
  • Weighs 103 grams
  • 164mm in length
  • Made in Germany
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