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Once you learn the art and skill of truing, and pick up a Feedback Sports Pro Truing Stand, you'll never have to be out of commission while the shop trues your wheel. This stand is ultra versatile, ready for even your 29er wheels...and you don't have to take the tires off. Plus, the Pro Truing Stand comes with adaptors for fatter mountain bike axles, and a disc brake slot for easy action.
  • One arm design allows unrestricted wheel access
  • True up to 29" wheels without removing the tire
  • Precision single spring tip indicator for checking lateral and radial rim position
  • Disc brake rotor truing slot
  • Check dish by simply flipping the wheel
  • Stable base and bench mount adaptor included
  • 12mm and 15mm axle adaptors included
  • Easily portable; mounts to Feedback brand work stands
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