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Crank Brothers Eggbeater 3 Mountain Bike Pedals

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Like Crank Bros Classic Eggbeater 1, Eggbeater 3 Mountain Pedals feature easy action 4-sided entry, a forged chromoly spindle, and are lightweight. But if you're bombing factor is a little higher, you might want Eggbeater 3's stainless spring action with a higher unclip angle to give you a little added security because you're crazy. Plus, Eggbeater 3s also feature sealed needle bearings that are impervious to conditions and corrosion--plus have amazing smoothness.
  • With 4 sides to choose from, pedal entry is easy and reliable; you'll click in quicker than on any other pedal
  • Unique design and few moving parts allow reliable entry and release even when gunked up with mud
  • New spindle is manufactured to pass European standards of quality and safety; you'll never need to worry about breaking the spindle
  • Egg Beater 3 pedals feature Chromo and machined stainless steel wings
  • 15-20° of float adds a lot of security when the heat is on
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