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Continental 27.5" Race King ProTection Mountain Tire

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Does our tire have Black Chili? Sounds like a trick question, but the Continental Race King II ProTection 27.5" Mountain Bike Tire is a racing light 690 grams backed up by an extra supple, 4-ply 240 TPI casing. This means this tire is light but tough...so no crying at the trailside on race day. Plus, it rolls at low pressure with low rolling resistance so you can corner like a superhero, and breakaway like you're on a road bike.
  • has all the technology needed for success on fast paced technical world cup courses
  • low profile, yet aggressive tread pattern
  • closely spaced knobs for fast rolling on hard, dry surfaces
  • exceptionally low rolling resistance due to BlackChili compound
  • Handmade in Germany
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