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Dumonde Tech Lite Chain Lube 2 Oz

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We're pretty sure even NASA doesn't know about the technology Dumonde Tech puts into their Lite Chain Lube. The Lite Chain Lube uses the same amazing polymer plating technology as the Original, but in a less concentrated formula. After you put the Lite Chain Lube on your chain the pressure from simply riding your bike turns the lube into a low friction plastic that coats your chain and cassette, forming a long-lasting weather-proof barrier that will keep your drive train in tip top shape.
  • Easy to apply "ride-in" formula transforms into a polymer barrier around your drivetrain
  • Polymer plating bonds to chain and cassette and won't be washed away by weather or road grime
  • Helps your components stay cleaner, last longer and run quieter
  • Polymer plating technology is extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Low-friction, low-viscosity "Lite" formula
  • Environmentally sensitive formula
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