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Continental Giro Tubular Road Tire

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How can you really tell if a tire is a good tire? By how long it has been on the market of course. By that measure the Continental Giro Tubular is an iconic training sew-up with decades of history and thousands (millions? billions?) of happy go-fast training miles. For training and club racing, the long wearing two-ply loop cotton casing has low rolling resistance, good puncture protection and a moderate amount of suppleness for cornering.
  • Minimal tread for extremely low rolling resistance
  • Long-wearing rubber compound is perfect for training and long club rides
  • Classic design is so old school the tire is marked in all kinds of crazy ways like 28x22, 622-22 and even 27x1. Honestly how many ways can you say 700x22 tubular without saying 700x22?
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