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Shimano CS-6600 Wide 10-Speed Cassette

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The Shimano CS-6600 Wide 10-speed cassette is specifically designed to meet the demands of junior category racing cyclists that must adhere to gear restrictions during competition. These cassette ratios, with their larger-than-normal smallest cogs, are designed to be paired with standard-sized road double chainrings (typically a 53/39T combination) to meet the gear restrictions. Note that in modern-day frames with carbon fiber tubing, using a cassette with the smallest cog size of 13 through 16 teeth may not be compatible with the chain stays and/or seat stays. Also, due to compromises in shifting performance, Shimano recommends that these cassettes only be utilized with a double chainring crankset, not a triple crankset.
  • Special cassette ratios meant to adhere to junior gear restrictions in sanctioned road races
  • Note: 13-16T smallest cogs might interfere with chain stays or seat stays of specific frames
  • When mounting, make sure there's proper clearance before riding
  • Do not use those cassettes with WH-6600/WH-R600/WH-R601 wheels
  • 14-25, 15-25, and 16-27T cassettes are not designed for triple front drive systems, as shifting performance will drop
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