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Minimal and mighty, the PDW Asteroid USB Tail Light provides 12 lumens of illumination to enhance visibility to motorists and fellow cyclists. Its tool-free mount makes it easy to install/remove from the seatpost and its three modes - Flash, Pulse, and Steady - provide run times of 4.5 hours to 35 hours before the Asteroid needs a charge. And speaking of charging, its Li-ion battery recharges via an included micro USB cable. This compact light weighs in at just 76 grams and its weatherproof design means you can use it with confidence no matter the conditions outside.
  • Provides 12 lumen output to enhance visibility
  • 3 modes: Flash (35 hour run time), Pulse (6.5 hour run time), Steady (4.5 hour run time)
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery recharges via included micro USB cable
  • Double-click lens to turn on/off
  • Weatherproof for all season riding
  • Tool-free seatpost mount
  • Weight: 76 grams
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