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Delta Knoxnut Skewer Set

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For the ultimate in wheel security, replace your quick release skewers with the Delta KnoxNut Skewer Set that will challenge even the most determined thieves. The patent pending locking KnoxNut system features a one-of-a-kind nut protected by a super-tough free-floating outer ring that makes it impossible to release your wheel with anything other than the special key. The KnoxNut skewers work with either road or mountain bikes -- just measure the outside dimensions of your front and rear dropouts and compare to the minimum and maximum widths below to confirm compatibility.
  • Set of locking front/rear skewers constructed of tough chromoly
  • Locking skewers release with the special forged key used in conjunction with a 6mm Allen key
  • Front compatibility: Outside dropout dimension range is 95mm -- 115mm
  • Rear compatibility: Outside dropout dimension range is 132mm -- 154mm
  • Weight: 148 grams/pair