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Fizik Kurve Chameleon Alloy Mobius Saddle

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The Fizik Kurve Chameleon Alloy Mobius saddle is a twin marvel of engineering and design excellence that delivers the highest level of performance and comfort. The Kurve utilizes Fizik's Spine Concept system that keys off of a rider's flexibility to determine optimal saddle shape from one of three options -- Snake, Chameleon, and Bull. This particular saddle is the Chameleon edition which features a flat and wide shape for those with medium flexibility. For a racing weight saddle, the Kurve also features exceptional comfort via the Wing Flex and Twin Flex design elements. The Wing Flex enables the saddle sides to flex for optimal freedom of movement in the pedaling motion while the Twin Flex shell creates a flexing hammock to relieve pressure and ensure hour after hour of sweet relief. For further customization of the saddle, two tuners (situated underneath the tip of the nose) enable a rider to dial in saddle flex to their preferred level. Additionally, the cold forged aluminum Mobius rails are lightweight and absorb shock. All in all, the Fizik Kurve provides a saddle experience like no other.
  • Chameleon saddle shape -- flat and wide -- optimized for those with medium spine flexibility
  • Wing Flex design provides flexible sides for free thigh movement
  • Twin Flex shell uses Kevlar fibers to form a flexing hammock for pressure relief
  • Mobius rail design's circular construction increases shock absorption and support
  • Two different tuners (soft and hard) enable easy customization of saddle flex
  • Synthetic Advanced Elastic cover is plenty durable
  • Integrated Clip System enables simple click attachment of ICS compatible seat bags
  • Weight: 225 grams
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