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Easton EC90 Zero Setback 400mm Carbon Seatpost

Item: EA-C90Z
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The Easton EC90 Zero Setback is the lightest seatpost in their line, thanks to its full carbon fiber construction (including the upper and lower clamping plates). This seatpost is, of course, incredibly strong, too. By incorporating RAD (Relief-Area Design) and TaperWall technology, the EC90 Zero has been intelligently designed to distribute stress along the length of the post. And for those who prefer zero degrees of setback in the seatpost, this is exactly what you need.
  • Easton EC90 carbon fiber construction (including upper and lower clamping plates) provides superb strength, weight savings, and durability
  • TaperWall Technology creates multiple thicknesses to enhance strength and durability at less weight
  • Relief-Area Design technology distributes clamping force across the length of the seatpost
  • 0mm setback
  • 400mm length
  • UD Matte Carbon finish
  • Weight: 200 grams (31.6mm diameter)