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Topeak Transformer XX Floor Pump and Stand

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In a true stroke of genius, Topeak has combined a pump and small bike stand together into the integrated Transformer XX system. A typically exemplary Topeak pump has been united with a stand that supports a bike via a pair of hooks that cradle a frame's seatstay and chainstay. The Transformer can be utilized with the pump and work stand attached together as well as in separate units. The stand's legs and support hooks fold for easy storage and when fully engaged it provides an easy solution for home maintenance. Attaching to the bike via the non-drive side of the bike, the stand lifts the rear wheel off the ground and enables full functionality of the drivetrain for maintenance purposes.

The pump features Topeak's SmartHead technology that automatically adjusts to fit Presta or Schrader valves for the ultimate in convenience. For additional inflation options, ball and air bladder type inflation needles plus a Dunlop valve adapter are also included. You'll love the ergonomics of the pump with its Ergo-Fit handle, exceptionally stable base, plus large, handle-mounted dial gauge that make inflation a pleasure. And with its aluminum shaft and rock-solid, you've got a pump that's truly built to last.
  • Includes detachable bike stand to ease maintenance and storage of your bike
  • Stand supports bike via hooks under seatstay and chainstay
  • Stand separates from pump via simple release button
  • Stand constructed of 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Stand's foldable hooks and legs ensure easy storage and portability
  • Pump's SmartHead automatically adjusts to fit Presta or Schrader valves
  • Built-in air release button allows fine-tuning of air pressure
  • Easy-to-read, chronograph-inspired, top-mounted gauge sports PSI and Bar index
  • Pump features aluminum construction for strength and durability
  • Ergo-fit, two-tone handle ensures comfort
  • Oversized support base provides extra stability
  • Extra-long 47" hose for versatility
  • Ball/bladder needles and Dunlop valve adapter also included
  • Dimensions (w/ folded stand): 6.3" x 11" x 29.1"
  • Dimensions (w/ opened stand): 12.6" x 14.4" x 29.1"
  • Bike stand's maximum weight capacity: 55 lbs.
  • Weight: 4.87 lbs. (pump and stand)