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Hero Kit Field Repair Kit

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While David Bowie says you can be a hero just for one day, with the Hero Kit Field Repair Kit it's guaranteed you'll be a caped crusader on each and every ride you do. Don't ever be stranded without the right tools or know-how since this kit contains step-by-step instructions, tools, and materials to help you with the most common (and many uncommon) issues you might encounter on your bike. Compact enough to stow in a jersey pocket, this first-aid kit is intended to empower all levels of cyclists to fix mechanical problems that can arise on any ride, and to get back home safely. Following are the contents of the Hero Kits -- most of the items are shared between both the road and mountain versions, but there are several items which are specific to each (and noted below):
  • 12 function multi-tool w/chain tool
  • Planet Bike tire levers w/ tire patch kit
  • 24 page, waterproof Field Repair Instruction Manual
  • 9-speed KMC replacement chain link
  • 10-speed KMC replacement chain link
  • Frame bolt
  • Cleat bolt
  • Multi-use wipe
  • Duct tape
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) card
  • LokSak
  • Tyvek tire boot (Mountain only)
  • Gear cable (Mountain only)
  • 2 zip ties (Mountain only)
  • Emergency rain poncho (Road only)
  • Yelo Velo high-psi tire boot (Road only)
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